ML-Tools is a library of python scripts that facilitate rapid analysis and visualisation of data using machine learning algorithms. It is build so that inclusion of any python script will automate various data cleaning and data validation scripts in just a few lines. This library is mainly used during Kaggle competitions in order to speed up rapid prototyping of ensemble of algorithms

Cleaning Utils

Should be imported into a data cleaning script so as to utilize pandas scripts in a standard manner without writing boiler plate code


Should be used when Decision Tree of XGBTree is needed to be drawn to a file. Provides utility functions to write output to a file


Imported from ML-Wave code, which helps in visualising data using any type of lens provided in a D3.json frame.



Implements Stacked Generalization from the seminal paper STACKED GENERALIZATION by David H. Wolpert. Use StackedClassifierCV for better results.


Implements a weighted regressor. Still a work in progress.